Too Drunk To Care

My wife and I were vacationing in Cabo when, on our last night there, we got crazy drunk on tequila. All night two older, out-of-shape guys were flirting with her, and she was flirting back. They seemed like nice guys. So, when we were leaving, my wife invited them back to our room to have a drink. When we got back to the room, my wife said she had to change. I poured them a drink and, to my surprise, she came out in her favorite negligee that clearly allowed all to see her entire body. I was so drunk that I just sat there in my chair while she sat on the floor by the couch at the two men's feet. She was drunk. She was laughing as she touched the one guy's thigh. I could see he was getting aroused. She started rubbing it through his pants. I just sat there, too drunk to join in or even react. It was like I was watching a porno movie. She opened his pants and started giving him oral. The other guy immediately pulled his out and wrapped her hand around it. Here she was, orally pleasing one and stroking the other! She was so drunk that she didn't care! They left immediately after they got their pants up. We didn't speak about it until a week later, and we've never returned to Cabo.

— Kyle, 33

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