Bizarre But True

This is seriously bizarre, and I doubt that any of you will believe it. I can barely even believe it myself! I used to work with a woman, Gail, with whom I became friends. I was engaged at the time. We had strong feelings for each other, but I was honest with her and told her that I loved my fiancé, Fran, and could not leave her. But that I still had feelings for Gail. We talked about how great it would be for us to be together, and how it sucked because Gail loved her husband, and I loved Fran, so it would never happen. Well, I happened to know that Gail had engaged in a threesome one time with her husband and another woman. A long time ago, I found out that my fiancé, Fran, wanted to try being with another woman. So, for months I talked with her about it and told her that I used to work with a woman who might be into it. I asked Gail just to try it once. Well, it actually happened. Now Fran, who is now my wife, loves getting together with Gail. She even loves it when I have sex with Gail! We have threesomes all the time, and it is awesome! There are some rough spots where I have to make sure that my wife doesn't feel like I would rather be with Gail than her. But she trusts me and I trust her, so it rules! I would have never thought this would be possible, but now that it's happening to me, I would almost believe anything!

— Matt, 27

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