Mother-In-Law Caught Me

My wife works away from our home city, so I always take advantage and dress in her underwear while she is away. A year or so ago, I was dressed in stockings, suspenders, panties, and bra when I heard a noise at the front door. To my horror, it was her mother letting herself into the house. Before I had time to do anything, she was standing in front of me looking shocked at my manhood in her daughter's panties. She seemed angry and asked what her daughter would make of it all. I begged her not to say anything. She asked how badly I wanted to keep it our secret and I told her I would do anything. She asked if I had ever given oral to a sixty year old; something I have never done. She sat on the sofa and beckoned me closer. I then proceeded to give her oral (which I loved doing). She ordered me to make love with her, which I did. After we were finished, she asked if I had enjoyed myself because I was now her sex toy and would have to pleasure her any time she asked. We meet two or three times every week now and our adventures have moved to many different levels, including her male friends using me.

— Ryan, 45

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