Love The Female Breast

I love, and am obsessed, with women's breasts. Maybe that is because I was born with, and still have, excess breast fat/tissue. I had a great girlfriend in college who allowed me to do whatever I wanted with her breasts. I could undo her bra with two fingers. My ex-Asian wife had 34-Bs. Back in the sixties, I'd order her push up, push in bras from the famous mail order house in Hollywood. They gave her nice cleavage and she looked sexy. I have put on bras and panties for many years now. I wear a size 38-C bra and fill out the cups with falsies or pads. I love the feel a bra around my chest and how my "breasts" look and feel. I put on sexy lingerie and love to look at myself in mirrors. I miss fondling my wife's breasts and doing what babies do when mama feeds them. As I said, I love breasts!

— Frank, 68

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