Fondness For Men

I always thought of myself as a macho-masculine man until I was twenty-four years old and had an affair with another man! This man was gay and had told me many times over the past two years of his desire to undress me. Although he knew I was happily married, he continued, relentlessly, to seduce me. I did not give him any reasons to believe I would grant him his wish to be with me sexually, but he, nevertheless, kept trying to get me in bed with him. My wife was aware of his passion for me and requested I spend the night with him the night before a friend's wedding, which I did to please her. It was the Friday night before my friend's wedding and I followed my wife's gay friend to his parent's home to spend the night there. As soon as we arrived at his parent's home, he introduced me to them and proceeded to show me his sister's bedroom which I would be sleeping in for the night. I didn't realize he would be so aggressive with me, but as soon as his parents went to bed, he began to take off his clothes and requested that I do the same. I was guessing he was ready for some sex with me, and I was right! After undressing down to my panties, which he was aware of, he asked me would it be ok if he gave me oral sex, and my reply was, "Yes, it's ok." This, I later learned, was not all he wanted from me! Yes, he requested me to return the favor! I thought, "What I have I gotten myself into now?" He explained, "You have submitted yourself to me sexually now, and I would like that pleasure also." So, because of my innate feelings of pleasing my friends, I decided to comply. Yes, this felt really odd to me as I had never thought of myself of having sex with a man, but I was surely guilty of my bisexual experience then. After this night of maleness sex, he was a blackmailer, so to speak. He knew he could get oral sex or give me some pretty much any time he so chose too. He later succeeded in encouraging me to have anal sex with him. I had no idea how nice the feeling would be until we did it. Because of the pleasure I received during this and other sexual experiences with him, I realized my bisexuality was not going to disappear. I have since been with many other men and actually enjoyed most of these sexual relationships. I have not been with a man now for three plus years, but I still crave being with men!

— James, 52

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