Earlier Today

Earlier today, I started flirting with this older lady at the grocery store. I was attracted to her because of the blouse she was wearing. Her big breasts were all but hanging out and I just went up and told her I couldn't help but notice how amazing she looked. It was obvious that she was looking for a little attention, so I followed her around chatting about this and that, and ended up helping her out with her groceries. I asked her if she needed help getting them in her house and she said she would love some help. I followed her home and, after getting the groceries in the house, I leaned in to kiss her good-bye. She shoved her tongue down my throat. We did it right there on the kitchen counter, and it was awesome. She then told me she is married with two kids, so I had to leave quickly before school was out. She invited me back.

— Zack, 26

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