Wife's Boss

My wife is forty years old, but is very sexy and looks gorgeous. She doesn't look her age. She is a professor in a private college and is having an affair with the chancellor of the college. He is almost sixty. She told me about it and I told her to go ahead if she is interested. Her day starts with meeting him in the morning. Everyday, she has to show her body to him in his cabin, and then pleasure herself for him. In the evening, she has to meet him in his cabin and do as instructed. Once, he was hospitalized and I went along with her to see him. It was a private room in a reputed hospital. He was lying in the bed and when my wife went near him, he asked her to remove her pants, which she readily obliged. He started to do things right in front of me. I jus kept quiet since she is used to it. I enjoyed it very much. Once, three people from a council visited the college. The chancellor invited them to his cabin and asked my wife to serve them cool drinks while naked. My wife obliged. Eventually, they all had sex and she was very tired when she came home that morning. And it goes on....

— Phillip, 45

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