Batting Cage Love

For the summer, I had gotten a job at the local batting cage. There was a local high school team that came in to hit about twice a week. Every time they would come in, we would flirt and joke around. One night after the owner had left, I had the keys to close up the shop. As though it was a planned thing, the three captains (also the most attractive ones) came in for a night time hitting session. They noticed that we were the only ones there, so we started our normal flirting and messing around. This time I took it a little further. I started to make out with one of the girls. I was feeling her up when one of the other players saw and said, "Hey! Don't hog him all to yourself." I was in heaven. The third girl came over and that's when things really started to get interesting. We all got undressed and started making love right in the middle of the batting cage. It was the real deal. It was like they had planed it out. They were shifting between me and each other. They continue to come to the cage every once in a while, but never since have I experienced what I did that night. Every summer I go back for my job at the batting cage in hopes of a repeat, but I've had no luck so far.

— Robby, 22

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