Late Movie Fun

My wife's mother lives with us. She's seventy-one and actually a lot of fun to have around. Some months ago, my wife, her mother, and I were watching a late movie. Half way through, my wife got up to go to bed, leaving her mother and I alone. I had changed into boxer shorts and was wearing a dressing gown, whilst my mother-in-law was next to me on the sofa in her nightie, through which I could easily make out her polka dot print granny panties. She was twitching and turning on the sofa trying to get comfortable, and at the same time giving me great glimpses of her. After a while, she stopped and soon I could tell by her breathing that she was falling asleep. I got up to go to the bathroom during an ad break and decided it might be fun to remove my boxers. I returned to the sofa naked under my dressing gown and by this time my mother-in-law was fast asleep. I kept watching the movie, but was also slowly pushing up her nightie to reveal as much of her panties as I could. When she moved suddenly, I froze. Then she settled in a position against me, with her head on my shoulder and her hand on my belly. I let her settle for several minutes and then slowly opened my gown enough to reveal myself. I then gently rested her hand on me. I was thoroughly enjoying it when after about fifteen or twenty minutes, she began to rouse. I pretended I was asleep and waited for her to pull away. Instead, I felt her lift her head, move closer to me, and then nuzzle her head against me. She continued to hold me, gently touching me for the next twenty or so minutes, until the film ended. Then, she just got up and went to bed. The next morning, she was a little giggly and blushed when I kissed her good morning. She definitely looked at me as if she knew I had been awake all along. Since then, she has been a lot more flirty and playful, but sadly nothing like that has happened again. Not yet anyway.

— Sean, 44

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