Married Women

I haven't dated an unmarried woman since my college days. I only date older, married women. It is such a perfect situation that I am amazed that more guys my age don't take advantage of. My married girlfriends don't get jealous, don't make me cut the grass, don't make me visit their mother, etc. It is almost always a sex date, they look their best, and they go home to their husband when we're done. They really just want to hear how sexy they are, or how great they look, or how hot they are in bed. Those are the things their husbands haven't told them for a long time. The lady I am seeing now is forty-four and has been married for twenty-two years. Yes, she is a little chunky, but she dresses nicely and makes time for me a couple of times a week. I'll usually meet her at a restaurant, buy her dinner, and then end up back at my place. Her husband thinks she is taking sewing classes! I admit it turns me on when they tell me the lies they tell their husbands. Most of the women I've dated get very excited when I ask them about what would happen if their husbands knew what they were up to. They love the adrenaline of cheating on their spouse. There are so many places to meet married women; the gym, grocery store, or church. I don't think I'll ever change.

— Derrick, 29

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