Camping Fun

For the past few years since my divorce, I've been cross-dressing daily, always staying inside the house or in my backyard. I decided to go camping a few states away to try being dressed outdoors. Being a rather small man, it's pretty easy for me to pass. I would always wait until very late at night to go to the showers. This particular evening, I had just painted my toes a rosy pink and walked to the showers. I went in and was in the process of shaving my legs when and older man walked in and pulled back the shower curtain, catching me. "Well hello sissy boy," he told me, "looks like we have the shower to ourselves." He undid his robe and stepped in. His tool was a lot bigger than mine and he asked what else I did like a girl. He then moved towards me. I gave him oral, and then he had me wash him. I stayed and played with myself, and then went back to my tent.

— Chris, 28

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