One morning, I was pleasuring myself when my friend called and asked if he could come over. I told him he could, but that I was in the middle of pleasuring. The door bell rang five minutes later. I was excited to answer the door naked. I had never been seen naked by a male friend before. We went to my computer room where I was watching porn and I pulled up a chair for him next to me. I showed him my package and joked about how small it was. He laughed as we found a good video to watch. I grew excited before his eyes and he watched me. He was trying to watch the video and not me, but I could tell he was very interested in watching me. When I was fully ready I told him, "This is as good as it gets," then I proceeded to finish up. Afterwards, he laughed again and asked, "so, do you feel better now?" Yes I did!

— Henry, 47

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