Fantasy Finally Realized

I took my forty-eight year old mother-in-law to the annual dance put on by her workplace. As she is a widow of five years, she isn't in a relationship. She is a slim woman and very attractive. I have often fantasized about her and find myself thinking about the best way to seduce her. At the dance, I only drank one beer as I was driving; she, on the other hand, had quite a number of whiskies, started to slur her words, and was a bit unsteady on her feet. So, I took her home. She had difficulty walking to the car, however when she was in it, she fell asleep. When we arrived at her home, I had to half carry her in and immediately took her through to the bedroom and lay her on the bed. She fell into a deep sleep and, after thinking about what to do next, I decided to undress her. I slipped off her clothes until she was lying only in her bra and panties. By this time, I was very excited and had a strong urge to get relief. I prodded her and called her name several times, and we finally had sex twice. She was so drunk, I wasn't sure if she even knew it happened at all. The next day, she phoned me mid morning and apologized for getting drunk and thanked me for getting her home. There was no mention of why she was naked and I can only assume she knew I had stripped her or that she had managed to do it herself. I am due to take her to another dance soon. Fingers crossed.

— Marshall, 25

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