French Widow

Years ago, I worked part time cleaning yards and doing odd jobs. I had been working in a graveyard doing landscaping and digging and my body was well shaped. I was cleaning the cellar of a widow French woman. I had to stack newspapers and tie them in bundles. While doing this, I noticed her black undies and stockings hanging on a clothesline in the cellar. I looked at them, then after a bit, I went over and touched them. She caught me and said, "So you like my undies eh?" I was embarrassed to tears and did not know what to say. She said, "No worry, I understand, you are boy and you are curious. Come with me, and we have a rendezvous." I did not know what she was talking about, but it did not take long to understand and I liked it. I got lessons on touching the right spots, wearing the clothing right, tasting right, smelling right, and the entire nine yards. From this time on, I practically lived there. My friends were always wondering where I was. I left a lot of details out, but if you like this, I will continue it another time with all the details.

— Nick, 22

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