Her Best Friend

My wife has a best friend who she tells every thing to. She often complains to her about me. Her friend had me come over her house to help her move some things. When I got there, she was dressed in a leather corset and leather pants with a paddle in her hands. She ordered me to strip and spanked me over her knee until I damn near cried. She went in the other room and came back wearing a strap-on; she had me step into a pair of bight pink flowered panties and pulled them up over my burning butt. She made me give oral to her toy. She called me all kinds of names and told me I'd better straighten out at home. This went on for weeks. I thought my wife did not know until last week when I was being spanked again and Julie put a video on of her husband giving it to my wife. Every time Julie was spanking me and making me give oral to her toy, my wife was with Julie's husband. Julie said my wife needed a man to satisfy her. I've never seen my wife have so much pleasure before. After I got all excited myself, I was then sent home in pink panties and a matching bra under my suit.

— Matt, 27

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