Confession Helper

It was a Sunday morning. I was relaxing at home and reading the confessions online; enjoying all the confessions about mother-in-laws. I'm forty-nine years old and sex is dead due to my wife not caring anymore. So the confessions help me fill up the emptiness and feel like a man again. It was about noon and I'm still in front of my desk and reading letters. It's getting me excited and I didn't realize that my mother-in-law was on my shoulder reading the confession also. When she said, "Well, seems like you are really turned on by in-laws confessions," I stuttered said, "Yes, I was. Can you tell?" "Well, do you want to have the real deal?" she said and rubbed her fingers on my manhood. I just lost it. I stood up and laid her down on the couch. By the way, she is a sixty-six year old widow and looks so great for her age. So, I gave her oral and she screamed so loud that I had to cover her mouth. I was afraid that my sister-in-law might wake up and catch us. We made love for almost thirty minutes. She told me afterwards that, "I'm looking forward for more."

— Donald, 50

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