Fast Food

Since my wife passed, I have been going to have breakfast at a fast food place and I noticed another gent sitting alone. Just to be friendly, I nodded to him hello and sat at another table. He came over and said his name was Tom and did I want company. I told him it was okay. Tom said his wife of twenty years passed and I told him mine did also. He said he misses her so much that he wears his wife undies. I told him I never thought of that, but did smell her nightgowns at night to go to sleep. The next day, Tom was at the same place and I sat down with him and told him how good it felt with her undies on. I pulled up the leg of my pants and showed him the black nylons. We finished breakfast and Tom asked if I wanted to hang out at his place as he had a pool. I told him I didn't have a suit and he said he had done that would fit, so we went to his house. He handed me a suit and asked if he could see me in the stockings before I changed. I slipped off my shirt and my wife's white bra was on me. I slid down my pants and there I was in a garter belt, panties, and stockings. Now, I was getting excited and I didn't know why as I wasn't gay and never had done anything with a guy. In the meantime, he showed me he had frilly pink panties on and he also was excited. Tom pulled me over to him, kissed me, and held me close; saying that he missed his wife so bad. I kissed him back and followed him to the bedroom, where we got on the bed and cuddled and I said it felt so good to hold someone again. When we finished, we went to the pool with no suits. I think he will become my best friend.

— Dean, 67

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