The Relationship

This was many years ago. I met this cute little woman at the club and started seeing her on a regular basis. I was twenty-three and she was divorced, so she said. After about a month of our little meetings, we started dating. She worked about five minutes from my place, so that made it quite convenient for her to stop in on the way home (when she went home). Anyway, we were getting it on quite nicely; she would stop in after work, I would be waiting for her. By now, I found out that she was thirty-eight, but that didn't bother me (she had a great body and loved the sex anywhere we did it). Of course I am not going to say no when she walks in to the house, gives me a kiss, and starts going for my belt. This one night we were in bed about three in the morning after another round of great sex. A knocking at the door made me get up and put my bathrobe on to answer the door. I opened the door and in walks this man saying, "Jeremy, I think it's time my wife comes home!" He then walked to the bedroom and pulled her out of my bed, saying, "Get your clothes on and get out here." All this time, I am wondering what the heck is going on. I told him that she had told me she was divorced. He said that the marriage was certainly over now! We all talked until six in the morning and she kept saying to her husband, "I want him, not you." I told him, "If she will cheat on you, then it is just a matter of time she will cheat on me, so get her the heck out of here." She would keep coming over after work wanting to talk, so one day I said, "Okay, what do you have to say?" She told me that she bought a place just down from me about two minutes walking distance and wanted me to see it. So I finally said, "Okay, I will come to see your house, but that's it." Well, that wasn't it! We saw each other about five or six more times and the sex was even better than ever. Then, I stopped seeing her. Now, I am in my fifties and wonder what ever happened to her. I think I would like to see her one more time to see if she still is as good in bed as she was then.

— Jeremy, 54

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