Helping The Neighbor

I just moved in to this apartment unit which I share with my parents. Privacy was my big problem. I love sex as anyone as my age. I'm forty-nine years old and getting sex at my age and race was tough. I've been dreaming a lot about having sex with black woman. It so happens that the neighbor, who lives across from my bedroom, is a single, black, skinny woman who I've been keeping an eye on for awhile. It was a hot summer day when I was checking if my mail had come in yet. Mailboxes are across the pool and I saw my neighbor sunbathing. I asked what time it was and she then asked me if I could put some sunscreen on her back. I said sure. It was a nice warm skin and I couldn't resist looking at her cute butt. It was small, but firm. As I lowered my hands to her legs, she turned around and said, "I hope you don't mind, but could you apply some on my legs and thighs?" Sure enough, I was on it. I couldn't control my excitement and it showed. She saw and said that she was going in because it was getting hot. She then asked me if I could help her bring in her load of laundry, so I followed her and brought the load to her bedroom. When I turned around, she just pushed me to the bed and kissed me. She then gave me oral. I was in heaven and I did return the favor. She was my first black woman and wow! Now, it has become our routine on a weekly basis. Hopefully, she will let me shave her next time. I love that too.

— Donald, 50

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