Wife's Masseur

For a long time, I have fantasized about my wife having sex with other guys. She is much younger than I am, great sexy body, long legs, blonde, big chest, etc. I feel great about this; I love the feeling it gives me and my wife plays along. There is one thing she loves above all else and that is to be touched or massaged. Some years ago, a friend was training to become a sports masseur and my wife volunteered as a guinea pig. She loved having him massage her and I would go off somewhere private and masturbate thinking of him touching her. More recently, she injured herself in a fall (wearing sexy shoes) and needed an operation. More interestingly, she also needed physiotherapy. Imagine my delight when the doctor signed her up for twenty sessions with this young, good looking masseur. I delighted in her going to him once or twice a week and she even took the trouble to wear sexy undies. Sadly, he kept it professional and no sex took place, however they did get to know each other very well and she took pleasure in her regular visits and back massages. They reached a point where she would just arrive and strip to her undies in front of him, lie down on his massage table, and he would take off her bra for her. I loved to hear about this and one day, I turned up at his practice, knocked on his door, and he let me in with no problem. It was a hot day and they were both very hot and sweaty. She was face down on the bed with just her panties on and he let me just watch the rest of the treatment while we chatted. It was fantastic seeing another guy running his hands all over her body. She has confessed that she gets a bit excited when she is massaged and, if he had made the right move, she would have been happy to receive a happy ending from him. While her sessions with the masseur have now stopped, I have made it clear to her that she has complete freedom to play with whomever she likes and she has said she would only do this with an attractive man that she just can't resist. She will, of course, be open and tell me all about it when it happens. I now take pleasure from seeing her get ready and dressed up for a night out with her girlfriends. I encourage her to dress as sexy as possible in the hope that she finds that irresistible guy she can have pleasure with; and of course, he can enjoy my gorgeous sexy wife.

— Phillip, 53

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