Christmas Party

My wife and I have a big party around Christmas with friends and relatives staying at our large home. Mike and Debbie are real good friends and, after my wife fell asleep; Mike, Debbie, and I all started making love in the bedroom they occupied. We had left the door open and our sounds carried out that door, across the hallway, and through a decorative interior window down to the kitchen below, alerting some of our late-night house guests who were still awake. Later, someone needed Mike to move his car and had to come to our bedroom. They had to know what was going on because it was still going on. Well, one of the listeners was my wife's grown, married, and prudish son. The next morning, he actually had the nerve to complain to his mother about what he thought was her behavior. She had to correct and inform him that it was me and our friends, but she would have been happy to have added to the noise had she been awake.

— Joe, 60

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