Intense Weekend

I had planned this weekend with Nina for a long time; it was difficult to book a double room without the wife finding out. I was on some business for the weekend and decided to take an old girlfriend along. I had known her many years before when both she and I were somewhat more innocent, so all we originally got involved in was some harmless petting. Now that we both had experienced marriage and she had been widowed for some time, we both had a lot more experience. After the four hour drive to the city, we checked in to our hotel and had dinner. After we were done, we retired to our bedroom and it was approximately ten pm. I made my way to the bathroom and had a relaxing bath, after which I prepared as best I could for what I hoped would be a night of passion. I slid into a very brief white nylon bikini brief which was almost see-through. I had remembered from before that Nina did not like baggy underwear or boxers and liked figure hugging well shaped brief wear. I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Nina was already wearing a negligee that showed her assets in the best light. As I walked out, I suddenly heard the exclamation, "Oh God!!! You look gorgeous!" I had been called many things before, but gorgeous? Never! Feeling comfortable in myself now, I paraded round the room while I prepared two cups of coffee for us. At one stage, when I quickly turned around somewhat unexpectedly, I caught her with eyes firmly fixed on my underwear. We sat on the bed side by side and remembered the time long ago when we would never have dreamed of doing things like this. Coffee finished, I stood up and took the empty cup to return it to its rightful place. As I returned to her, Nina leaned forward and gently caressed me. Only recently I remembered she said that I was always well endowed, but she never had the pleasure. "Well, hopefully we can change that tonight," I said. Both of us willing, we had fantastic sex. Some time after we had finished, we both said that that was the most intense pleasure we had ever encountered. She wrapped herself around me and whispered, "I love you."

— Bob, 54

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