Delivery Fee

I work in the lawn and garden section of a big box home improvement store. This morning I was helping a nice looking, rather plump, older woman (I'd guess in her early fifties) with some very large potted shrubs. She asked if they could be delivered this afternoon and I replied that the earliest would be tomorrow. She said she needed them for a party she was holding tonight. She seemed desperate, so I told her I had my own pick-up truck and I would run them over to her house on my lunch break. She was very happy when I arrived a few hours later and, after I put the plants out by her pool, she asked me to come in the house for a second. She gave me fifty dollars for the delivery and then she said she would like to give me a tip as well. Before I could say that wasn't necessary, she reached out and grabbed my manhood. It was completely unexpected. She then told me she would pleasure me for my tip. She was standing right in front of me with my manhood telling me how much she appreciated great customer service and that it should not go unrewarded. She then showed me her massive chest. She said, "I saw you staring at these this morning and I thought you might like a closer look." I managed to say, "They are magnificent." She then leaned even closer to me and whispered, "Are they bigger than your wife's?" I could hardly speak, but I managed to say, "They are so much bigger than hers." I was loosing control and as I finished, I screamed, "Oh god, yes!" She just laughed and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed your tip. I'll be buying some more plants in a few weeks." I said, "I'll be happy to deliver!"

— Rob, 32

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