Neck Fetish

I cannot help it; I love a woman's slender neck. A woman's little slender neck will turn me on quicker than just about any other part of her body. My mother-in-law has the sexiest little neck; she is a very beautiful, sexy lady. Men look at her wherever she goes. She is a petite five foot five and weighs about a hundred and ten pounds. I have wanted to put my hands around her neck ever since the first time I met her. Today, I had that chance and I took it. I walked up behind her and put my hands around her neck. She took in this deep breath because she did not know I was there, and I felt every muscle in that little neck stand out. Those muscles stood out and caused her suprasternal notch to go so deep that if I would have squeezed a little bit, I probably could have felt her esophagus. I realize a neck fetish is probably one of the more weird fetishes out there, but I have loved a woman's neck since I was a kid. I cannot believe I actually got to put my hands around one that I had fantasized about for so long.

— Jackson, 30

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