Spanked By Two

On my fiftieth birthday, my twenty-two year old daughter-in-law Julie took me out for dinner. Afterwards, we went home for cake, champagne, and more champagne. Julie said good night and left and, as the door closed, Nancy, my wife, turned to me and said that there was just one more birthday tradition that she had to do and started to strip me. Thinking I was going to get oral sex or roll in the hay, I helped her and was naked in ten seconds. To my great surprise, she up-ended me across her knee in the living room and started to spank me. Just then, the door opened and in walked Julie to my great embarrassment. I tried to get up, but Nancy held me down and, without missing a beat, she told our daughter-in-law it was my birthday spanking. They continued to have a conversation with me facing away; I couldn't believe it. Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse, Nancy offered a turn to Julie. She started laughing, rolled up her sleeves, and said she didn't mind at all. Before I knew it, I was over her knee and getting the spanking of my life. I was totally humiliated as a twenty-two year old woman spanked me to tears with nothing more than her hand. Later that night, Nancy and I had sex for only five minutes before we both lost control. When lying next to her, she said that it was incredible and better than she recalled in recent history. She teased me and said that she was going to invite our daughter-in-law over for other important dates, or if I get too lax in the lovemaking department, to help me focus.

— Josiah, 53

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