Spring Break

My best friend and dorm mate John invited me to spend spring break with his family on their family farm. We attend a small Christian college and we both have had very strict upbringings. I had met his parents on a few other occasions, and even though they were very nice, I could tell they were very hard working, serious people. I also noticed they were ten or so years older than my forty-something parents. The first two days were about what I expected; chores, helping out at the church, and family conversation. Not your usual stuff for college boys, but it was what I expected. The third day, John, his father, and brother all had to attend a special all day meeting at the community center. I was left to help out his mother. I assumed she and I would stay busy working around the farm and that's how the day started. What I didn't expect was that by mid-morning, I would lose my virginity to John's fifty-three year old, gray haired, prudish, church going mother. I actually tried to stop her seduction, but in the end, I was just too weak to resist. It was actually quite exciting once the initial shock and surprise subsided. She said and did things to me that I never had imagined.

— Luke, 21

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