Lunch With A View

I love it when guys check out my wife's breasts and now, she lets guys look down her top all the time. She used to get upset when she caught a guy staring. I told her they couldn't help it. She has 38Ds and on her petite frame, they are irresistible. Her job three summers ago changed her attitude. She worked at a gas-station convenience store and deli in an industrial area. An older female co-worker gave her the idea of unbuttoning a couple of buttons to drum up more business as she leaned over the counter to deal with the mostly male lunch line. I told my wife seeing her bra wouldn't be any different than seeing her in a bikini top and if it helped business, she should try it. She didn't think it would work; she was wrong. Well, a few buttons became several and, after noticing that the guys became much nicer and compliant when they could see her bra-covered boobs, she started bringing home smaller bras and looser shirts. The lunch crowd grew pretty quickly. Her manager liked it and the high school kid working the grill loved it. During that summer, she got caught by the manager and the high-school boy several times in the storeroom topless while she was changing and it was handled so casually that she ended up changing in front of them many times. Since it was her last day, a few of her lunch regulars convinced her to lose her bra and she spent the day showing her bare breasts to well over a hundred guys. That explained the big tip.

— Vince, 30

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