Mother-in-Law Dream Come True

My mother-in-law is not a hottie at all, but she has some sexy attributes, namely beautiful hands, gorgeous feet, as well as a sexy, flirtatious, and open-minded nature. I had an erotic dream about her when I was still married to her daughter. I would pleasure myself to it over and over again, but never thought it could or would become a reality. When her daughter and I divorced years later, my ex-mother-in-law called and asked me when I was going to pay her a visit since we had always gotten along extremely well. She was divorced, too. We set a date. Since she was a three-hour drive away, she told me I could stay overnight if I wanted. I agreed and told her I would bring a bottle of her favorite liquor since she only drank on special occasions. Prior to the visit, I was consumed with my erotic dream and how or if I should share it with her. Well, once I arrived, we started reminiscing and drinking. I thought we were both relaxed enough, so I went for it! I told her I once had the most erotic dream of my life and that I would share it with her if she wanted me to. She agreed. In my dream, I told her, she ordered me to strip naked for her, then to kiss and lick her feet. Then I was to suck her toes while she fondled me and finally gave me oral. I could tell she was extremely turned on. She followed with exactly what I wanted to hear, "It sounds erotic to me, too. I'm willing to try it for real if you are." I agreed, and I had the most intense sexual experience of my life.

— William, 37

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