Love My Step-Mother

My dad died when I was nineteen years old. He had remarried my step-mother when I was fourteen. Dad really picked a looker when he remarried. Cute, great feminine personality, and a great body. I was away at college and came home for the holidays to see my step-mother, who was still single. I noticed that dinner was sort of a romantic setting with several glasses of wine, candles, music and lots of prolonged hugs from Paula. Over dinner, conversation drifted to how lonely and unwanted Paula felt and a woman's need to feel loved. Even when a teenager, I noticed Paula's feminine ways. We settled on the davenport to watch the evening news and talked. On impulse, I gazed into Paula's eyes and she leaned towards me for an intended kiss. After that brief kiss on her lips, we embraced for prolonged kissing. With passions rising, we started French kissing and touching each other. Paula looked into my eyes and said it was okay. Since she was not my mother, I too felt it was okay. We silently agreed to have intercourse. I remember saying, "Wouldn't it be funny if I got you pregnant?" Paula never had a baby and told me of her desire to get pregnant. Since we were not related, she said it would be all right if we were blessed with a baby. We had intimate contact for a number of years and basically, she was the reason I never got married to someone else. Because of our age difference, I insisted we both take protection against a pregnancy. Paula is a great woman and "mother."

— Matt, 31

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