Neighbor Nurse

When I was young, to get pocket money, I used to dog walk for a nurse who lived along the road from us. One day, her dog was chasing the ducks in the park and pulled me into the lake. When I got back to her house soaking wet, she said she would get me some dry clothes. She gave me a towel, so I got undressed and when she came back, she gave me a shirt, some jeans, and some socks. But, on the top of the pile, was a pair of little nylon blue tanga style panties. Being young, I thought nothing of it and put the panties on. Straight away, I was excited at the feel of them against me. Plus, I could see myself in her mirror. At that point, she came back into the room and just glued her eyes on me. I was young and had never felt so excited. As she watched, I made a big mess. She just stood and smiled at the sight of it all, and then left the room. Later, my mum found them in my bedroom and asked whose they were. I told her that the neighbor had given me them when I was soaked that day. My mum later washed them and put them in my pants and sock drawer. Now, they were mine to enjoy forever with mum's blessing. I had never worn or even thought of putting on girlie knickers before that day, but since then I have worn knickers always. While the neighbor was at work, I would try on all her lovely panties; rolling around on her bed and pleasuring myself in to them. Sometimes, I would wear them all day and sneak them back later. I think she knew because one day, I found the pair I had worn in her washing bin after I had tried to place them neatly back in her knicker drawer. She is responsible for my whole life of knickers and I so thank her.

— Aaron, 33

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