My Hot Step-Aunty

When I was younger, we went for a family trip. During our stay at a motel, I shared the room with my step-Aunty because she was still single. Before we went to bed, she switched off the light and changed her clothes to a nightie. When she had on the nightie, it felt very soft and cool to sleep with her. She pulled me towards her, hugged me, and told me to sleep so that we could wake up early. But, her softness made me so excited. I slightly moved my lips towards her lips. It was my first kiss ever; I learnt how to kiss from that. I started to explore her with my hands. My heart beat was becoming faster and faster. I then tried to have sex with her, but she crossed her legs and said, "Enough darling, you are still under age." I couldn't believe it and could barely take it. I still remember it, but now she married with kids. I would request more now, but I have no idea how to ask her.

— Roger, 22

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