Black Friend

I met my wife whilst still at school and we were married at eighteen years old. We have enjoyed a healthy and varied sex life and are game to try new adventures. My wife and I have often discussed the fact that she had never had sex with anyone but me, and wondered if she was missing something. We enjoy using sex toys and her favorite is one which she calls her "black boyfriend." Our conversation has often got around to her having sex with a black man and what it would be like. That's as far as we took it until we were on a holiday and one of the waiters was a tall, handsome, black man who flirted with most of the women. After a few drinks, my wife brought up the subject with me of having sex with him and we hatched a plot that on the last night of our holiday, she would encourage him and invite him to our room for a drink after he finished work. That evening, she dressed in her sexiest dress. I excused myself from the bar on the pretext of going for a walk, but went up to the room and hid on the balcony in case things got out off hand. A short while later, I heard the room door open and voices talking, then all went quiet for a few minutes. I then heard my wife in extreme pleasure. In the space of a few minutes, she had sounded completely satisfied twice. Shortly after, I heard a door open and close. She came to the balcony door hot and flustered and waved me in. It took a few minutes until she recovered her composure, and she proceeded to fill me in on the details. All in all, it had lasted only a few minutes. He wasted no time in getting up, dressing, and leaving when they were done. He was out the door like a shot and that's when she let me in. She could see I was already excited and she quickly hauled me to the bed. This is the one and only time we have shared with someone else and my wife, although she enjoyed the experience immensely, is now quite happy with what she has.

— Ethan, 49

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