Married The Wrong One

I was married four years ago. The wedding was a small event and there were only fifty people in attendance. The wife's best friend and maid of honor at the wedding, Julie, had always had a crush on me and I also found her quite attractive. A week before the wedding, Julie told my wife to be that she wanted to take me out to dinner alone so she could ask me some questions and get to know me better. Beth, that's what we will call the wife, was completely fine with it. Of course, why wouldn't she be? Julie is, after all, her best friend. Well it turns out Julie had no intentions of dinner that night at all and when she picked me up, she drove straight to a hotel in the next town and told me we were going to chat there. She had already booked a room and we went right in. Well, it didn't take Julie long to get to the point of the conversation; she wanted to have sex with me. She came right out and told me she had always been attracted to me and that she wanted to be with me sexually at least once before I married Beth. Looking at Julie, I didn't need to think that offer over twice and walked over, took her in my arms, and kissed her passionately. We were out of our clothes and in bed in record time and spent the next two hours in every imaginable position. It seems Julie was bound to prove her talents and superior desire over what the wife had to offer. What truly threw me over the edge though was we were right in the middle of some heated oral sex when she stopped just long enough to blurt out, "Beth will never do you the way I am about to." At that, she finished her task, we cleaned up, and went back to see Beth. Nothing was spoken of that day other than it was very enlightening, and Julie told Beth she had found out what she needed to know. The day of the wedding, Julie came over to my house early. Since I lived alone, there was no chance of anyone knowing. She knocked on the door and walked right in when I opened it. She looked at me, kissed me on the lips, then dropped to her knees and gave me oral sex right there. When done, she stood up, passed me a picture of her completely naked and said, "Now you'll have something to think about at the ceremony." Julie and I have been having an affair ever since and she still enjoys trashing my wife while we have sex, saying how much better she is or how the wife can't compare to her. It always raises my excitement and Julie knows it. I'm sure that's why she does it. Four years later, I am still involved with Julie, married to Beth, and the best sex still comes from Julie. Maybe I married the wrong one, because Julie and I are more compatible in and out of bed than Beth and I ever will be.

— Jack, 29

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