Incredible Threesome

My wife and I had sex with one of my friends as a threesome. She couldn't get enough; I really enjoyed it and so did she. He is Latin and spoke in Spanish as he kissed and touched her. She was the most excited I have ever seen her. She loved having both of us doing her and we even put it on video. It started out as talk between my wife and me. We talked about it for a few years, and then we finally decided who and when we would do it. I thought of my friend after a couple of weeks and my wife said he was do-able, so we agreed he was the guy. He has a pretty big package and that made me a little nervous, but he was pretty good at taking care of her and not hurting her until she requested more. I actually got excited while he was having sex with her because she was loving it. We all finished together at one point, which was incredible. I saw a side of her that I've been waiting to see for almost twelve years. She really let loose and I was so proud of her. All it took was a little nerve. We are positive that we are going to do it again, but we don't want to do it too soon. Maybe my friend will teach me Spanish so she'll be excited like that again. I'd recommend everyone to go for it. My wife never had such a great time. Maybe she'll do something else to surprise me.

— Lance, 34

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