Arrangement With The Landlord

My wife Carrie and I got married when I was in college, even though we had no money. But, we found this garage apartment where the elderly landlord would let us stay rent free if I did his yard work and my wife did the housework. The place was awesome with a pool and the set up seemed perfect, but we were on a one month trial basis. Now Carrie is blazing hot. Really. She is one of those freaks of nature with huge breasts, a skinny waist, and a perfect butt. She is also really dumb. She had a hard time keeping a job, she was so dumb. Don't get me wrong, she was sweet and I loved her, but sometimes I couldn't believe how naïve she was. Well, once we moved in, I could see right away that our landlord couldn't keep his eyes off her and so I told Carrie that if she would do her housework in skimpy clothing, I was sure that we could get the apartment full time. She was reluctant at first, but I told her that it was kind of like a kindness for the old guy. I had to persuade her a little, but once she started, she seemed to really have fun with it. So did I. She would wear wife beaters or a man's dress shirt tied in front. I also got her to wear loose fitting short shorts that I knew would gap and show her private parts. I began to realize that my new wife was very much an exhibitionist. I was loving it too. The month passed quickly and we got the apartment. Carrie asked if she could stop dressing sexy now. I lied and told her that our landlord had put us on a permanent probationary status. She sighed and said it was worth it to have such a cool, cheap apartment. My next move was to casually mention to the landlord that my wife liked to sunbathe in the nude, but was worried he would be offended. He assured me that there was no problem. I next approached Carrie and told her that I was worried about losing our lease and I thought it would help if she would do some nude sunbathing. She resisted, but when I told her that our landlord had told me it was okay, she gave in. The next few weeks were a lot of fun as I watched him watch her. He would find an excuse to come out and putter around the pool. I instructed Carrie that whenever he was out by the pool, she should oil herself up. She seemed fully into the game and said, "Maybe I should have him oil my back?" I was all over it. When that old man got his chance to rub oil on Carrie, it didn't take long for him to work his hands down to her butt and legs. A couple of days later, I came home from classes and found Carrie all upset. She said our landlord had been oiling up her back and had worked his fingers down into her private area. She had jumped up grabbed her towel and ran into the apartment. I said, "Don't worry, I'll talk to him." When I talked to the landlord, I acted very sheepish and said, "Carrie and I are very sorry about her behavior and is there anyway to make it up to you?" He seemed floored by my attitude and said, "Don't worry about it." I said, "We talked and she understands that she works for you and has an obligation to obey your orders." When I got back to Carrie I acted angry and said she had caused us to lose our apartment and now I would have quit college and get a job. After a lot of tears and apologies from her, I told her maybe if you asked him to oil your back tomorrow and then let him do whatever he likes, he will let us stay. She said, "I will, I promise. I won't cause anymore trouble." Well, it didn't take our landlord long to figure things out. I could tell that Carrie's reluctance was fading fast. It wasn't long before she was giving him oral sex and taking nude Jacuzzis with him. With the help of some Viagra, they finally had sex and then he started wanting Carrie to sleep in his bed once in a while. By the time the year was over, we had learned that he was a very kinky old guy. He had Carrie dressing up in costumes and using all sorts of toys. He had her doing strip teases and he took all sorts of videos and pictures of her. I loved all the stories and the fact that my wife was becoming very wild sexually. Our sex life was off the chart. When we finally moved away at the end of the year, he gave her a card with a thousand dollars in it.

— Sam, 24

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