She Really Liked It

After years of begging, I finally convinced my forty-two year old wife to fulfill my fantasy of watching her make love to another man. I didn't want the other man to know that I was watching, so it would seem like an actual seduction. We have had a good looking guy do remodel work on our house in the past and I could tell he found my wife attractive. She also thought he was very nice and good looking, but maybe a bit too young. I had him come out and bid on our laundry room remodel and my wife was there, dressed to kill. He couldn't take his eyes off her. We agreed on a price and I told him I would be out of town next week, but my wife would be around. When he came back to do the job, I was upstairs and able to watch all the action. The seduction happened pretty fast, my wife answered the door wearing only her bra and panties. They started in the kitchen and finished on the living room floor, and then had an encore on the dining room table. The thing I wasn't prepared for was how much my wife was into it and loved the whole thing. I have never taken her to those sexual heights. She went absolutely wild with him, telling him how long she had wanted him, that she thought about him all the time, she was telling him to do whatever and however he wanted, that he was so much bigger and better than her husband, and finally she was screaming that she loved him and wanted him to give her his child! I think he was more than a little shocked by how turned on she was. When he finally left, she just said that it was amazing.

— David, 50

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