Love Of Lingerie

I am really not sure how it came about. All I know is that I was younger and a little excited. I was alone in the house and wandered into my mom's bedroom. My mom was, and still is, a very good looking woman. She is about 5'9" with a nice butt. Anyway, like I was saying, I just felt this compelling urge to go into her bedroom. I opened her dresser drawers and looked at her clothes. The smell I can still remember ... Chanel. My mom had very nice taste in clothes and shoes; she always looked great. I loved seeing her in her skirts with her long panty-hosed legs and blouses that showed off her assets. So, there I am, pulling her drawers open and looking at her panties, slips, pantyhose, and bras. I am stunned and really excited. My heart was racing and my ears were buzzing; I was wondering what was happening to me! I took a pair of white nylon panties that had lace around the whole waistband, a white 36C bra, slip, and I found some tan pantyhose. I started to strip down and put on the panties. Wow, it sent chills all through me. I was in heaven! I looked at myself wearing the panties in my mom's full-length mirror and I reached some kind of sexual high. I wanted more. I looked at her bra and put it on. I took a couple pairs of her panties and stuffed each cup to fill the bra and went back to the mirror to look. It looked pretty good, so I slipped on her white slip that went just below my knees. I really liked the slip; the feeling of that against my body was incredible. I was rubbing my body all over and my head was spinning. I could not stop touching myself and looking in the mirror. What made the whole experience was putting on the pantyhose. What I felt before was nothing compared to the feeling of the pantyhose over the panties. My legs tingled as I pulled them up my legs. About five minutes later, I recovered a realized what I had done. What was I thinking? I had to hurry and get out of her things. I kept thinking, "What if my sisters or brother catch me?" I had a feeling of being bad, but at the time it felt so good. That was just the beginning of "my so-called life." I started to look at my mom and my older sisters and love what they wore. I wore their panties all the time. I tried on all my sisters' clothes too. It was amusing at times when one sister was yelling at another because she couldn't find her favorite skirt or pair of panties and I had it the whole time! As I got older, I had interests in girls that were not related to me; well, you know what I mean. You reach that age were your sister's or mother's things are good, but someone you have a love interest in is even better. Julia was the girl for me, she was pretty, she had a nice body, and she wore skirts and pantyhose a lot. We met when we were on a baseball field in the middle of the summer. She was wearing tight yellow shorts and a white T-shirt. When I saw her pretty lips, I was hooked. We were friends for two years, and then we got close. During that time, I never ate dinner at my house; I always ate at her house. I used to sneak into her house at night and creep into her room. I would get in her bed and kiss her for hours. We never did have full sex because she moved six months later. Before she moved, her father wanted the family to go up north to see where they would be moving to. While they were away, I was depressed and upset. I knew there was no way that this was not going to happen, so I just cried for a couple hours and let it go. I then realized that they would not be home for two days, so I went in through a side door of the house like I always did and went straight to Julia's bedroom. It was about ten in the morning. I pulled out all her lingerie and some of her clothes. I got naked and put on her panties, slips, nighties, skirts, pantyhose, and bras. I tried on everything, even her makeup and lipstick. I was in her room for six hours. Before I left her room, I took a pair of her panties, bra, slip, and the pantyhose. I wore her things for months after she moved. I have a good life now and a steady girl that I can steal her panties. I only wish that she would catch me wearing her panties. I want her to dress me up in her things and take advantage of me!

— Gene, 39

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