The Superior Sex

I am a submissive white male, marriage-minded, and man enough to know my place. I believe deeply in the natural superiority of women; that overall, women are the superior sex as a plain and simple fact of life and clear and undeniable fact of nature. While it is true that men are generally bigger and supposedly stronger than women physically; that is all, and even that is not always the case. But, I believe that women are generally superior to men mentally, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, and biologically; and far better suited than men are to the roles of leadership and positions of authority at all levels of society - in politics and government, in the corporate and business world and workplace, and especially within their marriages and relationships. I believe that in marriage, the wife should be the undisputed head of the house and decision maker and the husband should be obedient to his wife and completely under her authority in all aspects of the marriage - both outside the home and in the home, both outside the bedroom and in the bedroom. I believe this represents the most ideal and most natural gender roles for all marriages and relationships. I believe when a man gets married, he should openly acknowledge his wife's fully legal authority over him, by taking the wedding vow of obedience, to love, honor, and obey his wife. I believe when a man gets married, he should take his wife's name in the marriage, becoming the lawfully wedded Mr. Her Name, and a married couple should live openly and without apology as Ms. and Mr. Her Name.

— Derek, 22

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