One Special Night

My wife got a bit drunk at the nude beach, as did I, and the next thing I know, we are heading to the other couple's home for dinner. We arrived and they stripped naked, which was not really a big deal as we were at a nude beach and we had already seen their naked bodies; but this was different, we were in their home. We visited with them and all the while, I was in disbelief because my wife is almost prude about being around others when she is naked. It was a huge leap for her to hit a nude beach, but this was like heaven. She was standing there and I was behind her massaging her right in front of our hosts, like three to five feet away. Finally, we all got so excited that we headed to the bedroom and, on the same bed, started to massage our girls. They loved the massage and attention, as we did as well. As my wife got relaxed more, she let her guard down and we all had sex together. I wish my wife would want to do that again but she was drunk or she would never have gone that far. Perhaps if I can get her to have a few drinks again, we can have a retake of that night; I sure hope. If the other couple reads this, tell me you read it the next time we see you at the beach, but don't tell my wife that I posted this or she will kill me. Next time, let's take tons of videos and pictures please.

— Ned, 41

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