Watching My Wife

I am married to a very hot lady who is much younger than me. She has a fantastic body that I adore. When we go out some place fancy and she dresses very sexy, I love watching the guys look at her. It is a real ego boost for her also. Sometimes, I will stay to the side so people don't know that we are together and watch as she teases the men around her. I have watched as the men get bolder with her and finally start to touch her. She gets very turned on with all this attention and becomes even bolder. She has made an art of showing everything that she has. On a couple of occasions, we both have gotten so aroused that we have actually brought one of the men home with us. Now talk about watching; she is absolutely incredible to watch in action. But, that is another story. Any man who has watched his wife have sex with another man knows what I mean.

— Dave, 48

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