Lost Confidence In Myself

I am a twenty-one year old boy. I loved a girl from my childhood, when I was thirteen. I knew she also liked me, but I was not able to tell her for a while. But, I finally decided to tell her. I had a chance this winter and I proposed her. She told me yes! I felt as if I was floating on the air of love. But, life had something else in store for me. She asked me to tell about our relationship to our parents. She told her mother, but I couldn't tell my relatives due to fear. She kept on forcing me, but I just couldn't get past my fear. I told my sister about this as my girl was her one of best friends. Then, I stopped receiving her phone calls and messages. Things were going well, but a phone call changed my life. It was of her friend who ruined my life. I am totally lost. I am not able to study or concentrate on my life.

— Felipe, 21

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