A Complete Shock

I never would have suspected my wife Sandy of infidelity if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. We have been man and wife for twenty-four years and to be honest, I had no idea the Sandy I saw yesterday even existed. Through the years of marriage, Sandy has gotten quite large, but her curves are in the best places. Secretly, I've always found larger women attractive, and my forty-five year old wife I found especially attractive. Yesterday, I was to go on an overnight sales call, but when I got to work I was informed that it was pushed back a week and that I could work half a day and go home. I wanted to surprise Sandy because she seemed disappointed that I was leaving, so I just showed up at home a little after one. I noticed a little BMW in the driveway, so I parked on the street and came in through the garage. To be honest, something didn't quite feel right and I decided to enter the house quietly and see who our visitor was. I heard a man's voice in the living room and I stopped to hear what was being said. What I heard brought a lump to my throat and a sick feeling in my stomach. I still couldn't see anything, but what I heard him saying in a strained voice was, "Yes Sandy! Yes Sandy! Oh, you look so hot when you shake it!" I was torn between rushing into the living room and putting a stop to whatever was happening, and sneaking a peak to see what was happening. I crept around the corner and what I saw was a complete shock. There was a young man of maybe twenty-five years of age that I had never seen before sitting on the sofa pleasuring himself, while my wife Sandy was standing in front of him wearing only a bra, panties, and high heels. She was sort of moving back and forth and looking as sexy as anything I had ever seen.

— Evan, 47

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