I Want Her!

Hi there everyone. I have confession. Just recently, in the past two years, I started thinking sexually about my mother-in-law. I think she wants to have sex with me, but doesn't know how to start it off. Every summer, I go and visit her. I wear these jean shorts that are kind of big, so when I put my leg up, you can see up them. I don't wear underwear, so whenever I wear those shorts, she gets an eyeful. Just recently, I stayed at her house. She wakes up in the morning to go to work and, as she's getting ready, I leave my door open while lying naked in bed. As I glanced to see her, I noticed her watching me with excitement. She's older, about forty. One day, if you read this, let's just have sex with each other! I would love to make sweet sex with you. Remember the letter I sent you and an email with a picture? Nothing left to do but have sex!

— Ryan, 26

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