My Hot Wife

My forty-two year old wife Sally and I have been married for seventeen years. Although she has gained a few pounds, her curves are in the right places and she dresses sexy as anything. She wears clothes that show off her large rear backside and massive cleavage and she loves to tease and flirt. She has never had to work; her job is to be sexy. I have seen guys fifteen years younger and twenty years older hit on her. My favorite story is when my boss, who is five years younger than me and married, first met Sally at the company Christmas party. He couldn't take his eyes off her (and, I found out later, his hands either). His wife was just furious. He followed Sally around like a little puppy dog. The angrier his wife got, the more Sally led him on. His wife finally left the party because he was hanging all over my wife. I've given her permission to step outside our marriage, but she has assured me that beyond a little kissing and petting, she has never been anything other than my hot wife.

— Greg, 45

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