Can't Do It Just Once

After the kids were grown and left home, the wife and I (both 50ish) went to Florida for a week. I talked her into going to a nude beach by saying no one there would know us. She is chubby, tall, beautiful face, and large breasts; but she was self-conscious. Once on the beach, a well-endowed middle aged black male paid considerable attention to her. When he left that day, he announced his intentions to return the next day. That night, I admitted the idea of her having sex with him really turned me on and basically asked her to do it just once for me. He did return the next day and I made myself scarce off-and-on to let them talk. That evening, we invited him back to our rental for a soak and some wine. She started on him, and then they went into the bedroom and began having sex. She looked up and noticed me watching. When our eyes met, she said, "I hope you don't think I can do this once and quit." We have been doing this five years now on each vacation.

— Rick, 55

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