Stomach Troubles

My wife and I have been married for about three years. Since the first night we met, we have always had awesome sex and like to try new things. After we got married, our sex life got even better; again, trying and doing more things than ever. One night about a month ago, we went out to have a nice dinner and have a few drinks. Soon, our "few drinks" turned into a lot more than both of us had expected. After leaving the restaurant, we were both extremely drunk and extremely turned on. We got back home and quickly made our way to the bedroom, throwing clothes off all over the place. We started going at it and about five minutes in, she said that her stomach was hurting. We kept at it anyway. A few minutes later, there was an awful odor. I'll let you use your imagination as to what had happened. It was terrible and the smell was even more terrible! We still have sex, but it was very awkward for a while. The next time she says her stomach hurts, I guess I better listen!

— Cameron, 27

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