I Will Always Remember

Back in the seventies, I was married to a woman that had two young sons. My wife took a job working evenings and left me to feed and watch the boys. One day, one of her sister-in-laws asked what I would like for supper. I named a meal and she said she would prepare it and have me and the boys come over. The meal was delicious and we talked around the table. Later, as we sat watching television, she said she wished the boys weren't there. We stayed a little longer and I sent the boys out to the car. I thanked Diane for the meal and gave her a kiss. I asked her if she meant it about the boys not being there and she said yes. After a few more kisses, I left. A few days later, I called Diane and asked if she would like to go out, just the two of us. She jumped at the chance. Her husband worked out of town and she was lonely. So, we made plans for a couple of nights later. I picked her up and we went out to dinner. Later, we went and had a few drinks. I asked her to dance and she melted into my arms. While we were dancing, I asked her if she would like to go get a motel room, to which she quickly agreed. When we got to the motel room, the clothes ended up on the floor in no time. We spent the next three hours making love in every position we could think of. We managed to do this quite often over the next four years, before I divorced my wife and moved to another town. But, I will always remember those times with Diane.

— Leon, 39

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