Convention Fun

Thirty years ago, my wife was super hot looking and loved sex. She also loved to be dared to do something. We attended a convention and met a nice couple. She was decent looking and he was quite handsome. The four of us roamed through lots of hospitality rooms, drinking more and more as the night went on. At one point, we heard some guys talking about going to a strip joint. My wife whispered to our new friends that she thought it would be a turn-on to be a stripper, teasing all the men that paid to watch her. His wife blushed a little, but he said he would gladly pay to see that. Without thinking (must have been the booze), I jumped in and told him if he dared her, she would do it. When he did, she just smiled as she asked for the money! He reached in his pocket and handed her some bills. She didn't even count it. She turned and we followed her to our room. Once inside, she found some good music and started dancing. Both of us got excited as she took her clothes off. His wife sat watching and I could see she was getting turned on as well. I started kissing his wife when she bent over to kiss him. I kept my eyes open as I kissed her because I loved watching his hands on my wife. Unfortunately, when I tried to touch his wife's chest, she jumped up and said they had to leave. My wife reluctantly got off her husband and, while making no attempt to cover her nakedness, told them that she had enjoyed meeting them and hoped we could get together again sometime. Completely naked, she hugged them both and walked them to the door. Needless to say, we had some great sex that night. We did have them over to our house a few weeks later with much better results, but that's another story.

— Jeff, 34

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