The Lawn Guy

My wife and I are both in our mid sixties. I'm mostly bald and the little hair I have is white. I also have a trimmed white beard. I'm 5'8" and weight 165 pounds. My wife is in good shape (she works out every day) and has a great chest. We hired a guy to cut our grass. Steve is in his late twenties, 5'6", very muscular, and has a short man's attitude. He also has lots of tattoo's, which give him a "bad boy" look. I noticed that my wife liked to do her workouts at the same time he was cutting the grass. She would open the door in our bedroom to get some air while she went through her exercises. She usually did them in just a T-shirt and her panties. It took awhile for me to realize Steve had a great view of her as he cut the back yard. One day, she complained about being hot, so I suggested she take of the T-shirt. When she did, I could see her chest. As I found out later, Steve enjoyed the view also. She never seemed to be happy with the cut of the lawn and had me tell him so. That same day, she complained about something he did wrong and wanted me to confront him about it. He got very angry when I told him and said he was tired of the bull. He told me he knew my wife was putting on a show for him and he wanted to see up close. I tend to be submissive and he could tell; besides, he intimidated me. He pushed past me and walked into the bedroom. He told my wife he liked what he saw, but wanted to see more. He ordered her to strip. I stood in the door watching as she complied. When she had finished, he told her to give him oral. I am a voyeur and loved it. He then had her get on the bed and had sex with her. She told me later she had never had such good sex before. When he was done, he looked at me and said this was going to be a weekly event and next time he was going to have us both. We can't wait!

— Matt, 64

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