When I was younger, I had been wearing my sister's bras for sexual excitement; but, I wanted my own. I asked my then girlfriend, "I want to play a trick on this girl at school who has no breasts at all. Will you buy me a 36 AA to slip in her desk as a joke?" She bought it, gave it to me, and I just about wore it out putting it on and off for sexual pleasure by myself. She never knew, I don't think, and never asked. I must admit I did use my grandmother's foam pads in my bra, which seems a bit strange now. I still wear bras anytime I can; I have forty of them and have evolved into wearing full women's dress, make up, and all sometimes. I am not gay, by the way. I was married for seventeen years and now have a girl who likes me dressed as a woman.

— Curtis, 60

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